Dina + Scott || Married

Hello friends, and happy summer! 
Today I am super excited  to share some images from Dina and Scott’s New Smyrna wedding. Their intimate ceremony took place outside at a waterfront bed and breakfast. They had a sweet ceremony followed by a beautiful dinner reception. The details were beautiful, the food was delicious, and the night ended with an unbelievable sunset! 
Scott and Dina, it was a pleasure to be a part of your wedding day! Congratulations. :)
Page 1 - Version 620130412-IMG_8371 dsweddingh2 20130412-IMG_8492 dswedding12 20130412-IMG_8515 IMG_9541 dswedding6 20130412-IMG_8739 20130412-IMG_8683 20130412-IMG_8550 20130412-IMG_8560 dswedding1 IMG_9533 20130412-IMG_8600 20130412-IMG_8618 20130412-IMG_8667 dswedding3 20130412-IMG_8771 20130412-IMG_8777 20130412-IMG_9102 dswedding10 20130412-IMG_9152 IMG_9658 dswedding11 20130412-IMG_9212 dswedding8 20130412-IMG_9258 dsweddingh1 20130412-IMG_931820130412-IMG_9085 20130412-IMG_9474 dswedding4 20130412-IMG_9543 dswedding7 20130412-IMG_9555 Page 1 20130412-IMG_9729 20130412-IMG_9718 dswedding9 20130412-IMG_9073 dswedding5 20130412-IMG_9819 20130412-IMG_9853

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