Here’s to 2012.

Today is December 31. New Year’s Eve.  Another 366 days have come and gone. What? Madness. I’ve been going through my photo library this past week, backing up and organizing thousands of images (real interesting stuff people!), and I’ve put together my favorite images of the year. It was fun to re-discover shots I had forgotten and think about photographs I’d like to take in 2013.
Thank you to everyone who has let me take their photographs and read my blog. You are a huge encouragement to me. 
I’m thankful to the Lord for his grace and mercy that is new to me every morning.  Now I think it is about time for my favorite Tolkein quote:
“Though here at journey’s end I lie
In darkness buried deep,
Beyond all towers strong and high,
Beyond all mountains steep,
Above all shadows rides the Sun
And Stars for ever dwell:
I will not say the Day is done,
Nor bid the Stars farewell.”
{P.S. Go see the Hobbit if you have not yet!!}
Page 6 IMG_5711 I have good genes. I realize this. %0D%0A<3 momsie. 0005dw IMG_7161 IMG_7334 IMG_7701 Page 24 IMG_7784 pondering sibs. IMG_7970 IMG_9351 IMG_8447 IMG_8462 00239C IMG_9599 0028Ti IMG_9074 Page 23 IMG_8919 Page 18 Day 12. IMG_5491 Page 1 Dad's 50th birthday. :) IMG_6410 Page 16 IMG_9103 IMG_9514 Page 20 IMG_9984 IMG_5536 Page 14 IMG_2962 IMG_2608 - Version 2 IMG_2528 IMG_2250 IMG_1719 IMG_1829 - Version 2 IMG_1849 IMG_1848 Page 12 IMG_0015 IMG_0354IMG_5715
IMG_9454 IMG_9764 IMG_9250 IMG_9300Page 19
IMG_9555 - Version 4 IMG_9592 IMG_9694 Page 10 IMG_9473 - Version 2 Page 5 IMG_0257 IMG_0314 - Version 2 IMG_0329 IMG_2004 IMG_8548 IMG_8604 Page 7 IMG_9016 IMG_9110 - Version 2 Page 21 IMG_9716 Page 22 IMG_0118 Page 9 IMG_2861Wishing you a very happy 2013!
Page 1 - Version 6
Favorite Posts of 2012:
1. The First Annual Francis Family Gingerbread House Burning: We love to light things on fire at my house.
2. Birds: I like to chase them, for the sake of art of course.
3. Jess: the first of many 2012 Jess portraits
4. A Sweet Sixteen Surprise: that time my friends kidnapped that girl Jayme, in the name of birthday fun
5. Who Am I Project: but really, who am I?
6. Sunsets + Summer: I love the color orange. Oh, and my friends.
7. Jack: the first time I shot this crazy kid in 2012. Look for the second time later this week!
8. Kentucky: that time I hung out with a bunch of crazy people I had never met and had the time of my life in Kentucky? Yeah, that was great.
9. The Gospel Coalition National Women’s Conference: the craziest 3 (or was it 4?) days of my life! Can’t wait to do it again in April. National Conference, here I come!
10. Ashevillains: FranClan family vacation…Always an adventure.
11. That time I went to Africa: Part 1 and Part 2
12. Lily’s Senior Pictures
13. Rachel’s Senior Pictures

14. Portraits of Kristen: what we do to relax after the SAT.
15. The City that Never Sleeps: Part 1 and Part 2
16. Pictures with Balloons? YES!
There you have my 2012, folks!

2 thoughts on “Here’s to 2012.

  1. hey there! it’s kate ortiz, emily and amanda mcphail’s cousin. amanda told me about your blog back when you were getting ready to go to africa. just wanted to say a happy new year to you and tell you that i’ve loved peeking in on your photos. just lovely, lydia. hi to your parents, too!

  2. What a visual banquet! Loved seeing these and noting how professional you have become. Whose wedding dress was that?? I loved it, not only for the delicate and ornate embroidery, but also because I like wedding dresses with sleeves! So many wedding dresses these days just look like prom dresses. But I notice that even royalty shares my good taste, ie, Kate Middleton and one of the European (Scandinavia
    n) princesses.

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