Beates Family || Portraits || Preview

Why hello there!
Long time no see, right? Sorry about that.  These last few weeks have been quite a whirlwind. I made it through finals alive, leaving behind a trail of flashcards, empty tea bags, and drained coffee mugs. Then Christmas was upon us. Whoops! Wasn’t quite prepared for that speedy entrance, Christmas…
Despite the madness, I have not forgotten to whip out the trusty camera. I have oodles of pictures to share with you now that I am back to blogging, so put on your seatbelts.
Yesterday, I had the privilege of photographing the Beates family. I have known this amazing family since I was très petite (age 2? age 3?).  Their whole family was in town for Christmas, and we had to grab some pictures! They were so easy to take pictures of, and I’m so happy with the result.
Thanks for letting me take your pictures, Beates family!  I can’t wait to share the rest.
Page 1 - Version 6IMG_2661 Page 1 IMG_2611

2 thoughts on “Beates Family || Portraits || Preview

  1. In fact, you’ve known them (or, more accurately, they’ve known you) since you were 16 months old! Brilliant pictures worthy of such a significant friendship. Good work!

  2. Indeed this was a special moment to be together this year with everyone, including Jackson (“Beates: The Next Generation!”). And Lydia, you made this so easy, fun, and memorable! Thanks — I will be using at least two pics (everyone, and Sho and Reece) in our “New Year/Epiphany” letter!

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