New York City {Part 1}

I have finally gotten around to sharing my photographs from my time in New York City (pre-Sandy)!
I hope that they give you a feel for the city and that they are enjoyable to look at. Be sure to give me your thoughts. :)

Here is my favorite image of the entire trip!  There were about 18 weddings happening in Central Park the day I went, and I followed pretty much every bridal party I saw. Eeek. I love weddings!

These last two were taken in Soho at about 10:30 at night. I took ten or fifteen images from the street looking into various windows. I love the sense of the city that it gave me. These are my favorites of that series.


5 thoughts on “New York City {Part 1}

  1. Awh I love the wedding photos and the buzzing atmosphere of all the others… New York truly is the best place to be. I NEED to live there one day! x

  2. Girlfrand! These are wonderful!!!! I want the walls of my house to be covered in all this loveliness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you. Proud of you. You rock.

  3. Lydia, I feel like I’m constantly saying the same thing on this blog: I am simply AMAZED at your talent! I have no other words!

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