the Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference

Where to start?
Probably with PRAISE JESUS! For bringing SO MANY women from all around the globe together for the Gospel, for somehow getting me through three very long days with very little sleep, for the FANTASTIC people I had the chance to work + hang out with, for speakers who spoke the Word of God into the hearts of 3700 women for three days, and for the grace of God because the weekend couldn’t have gone on without it.
The Gospel Coalition is this crazy awesome organization that’s all about, well, the GOSPEL! Check out their super cool website.
Four photographers. 3 pre-Conference plenaries.  24 workshops.  8 plenary events. Countless Photo Booth shots.
Here are my photographs.
I absolutely loooooooovvveeedd getting to work with these guys {the dream team + photographers}! Cant wait to see you all at National Conference in April!

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