“Go and Do Likewise.”

I spent the last week in Harlan, Kentucky. Whhhaattt??? I know. That’s what I thought too. Then I actual went there. After a 14 hour car ride with some uh. . .antsy fellow youth,  we met up with a team of about 50 middle-schooler, high-schoolers, and adults from South Caroline + Tennessee. Our time was divided between serving at a ministry called Christ’s Hands, worshipping Jesus, hanging out with new friends, loving on those in the Harlan community,  being taught the djembe by the coolest cat ever, giggles + epic handshakes with seventh-graders, hiking mountains, stargazing, and experiencing the powerful love of the Christ as seen in our brothers + sisters from Tennesee, South Carolina, Florida, and Kentucky. I cannot even begin to describe how each and everyone of them impacted and blessed my life.  
Here is our week in photographs.

My brother rocking the hulk smash!
“What are men compared to rocks and mountains?”-Jane Austen
Camp activities included, but were not limited to, a fairly intense flour bomb war.
Worship was always phenomenal. So grateful for that time.
When TEAM D had kitchen duty, it was cray-cray hair day.
These are three of the four ladies who were in my small group! They each have beautiful hearts and are SO much fun to be around. 
 I’ll miss the loverly Kentucky. The challenge is to go forth from this week with the love of Jesus that we saw so clearly there. “Go and Do likewise.”
“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” -Romans 8:28

4 thoughts on ““Go and Do Likewise.”

  1. So beautiful, the people and the scenery. Thank you for sharing. Will you be taking oodles of photos when you travel to Africa? You really know how to catch the essence of the moment. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like the fact that there was an update from Deren about this trip and these photos just enhanced the entire experience in words and pictures!

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