Summer Thus Far. . .{Preview}

Hello Friends!
Well, I am weeding happily through a lot of photographs today (nearly 400, actually). They scream summer and make me so happy.  It is going to be a wonderful, wonderful summer.  Here’s a bit of a glimpse at my first week. :)
This is {most} of my summer reading pile. Isn’t it LOVELY?!?! To add to those C.S. Lewis books, I recently hit up a favorite used book store and got The Problem of Pain and The Great Divorce. What a soul-enriching summer!
I’ve been spending lots of time with this ginger zombie. She has seriously the BEST hair.
Then, I passed a fine evening with fun friends. I AM SO BLESSED. Look at this sunset. . .
. . .and look at my friends!
Then I got to spend some time with these lovely  {and incredibly photogenic} people at Casa Feliz!
This is Jack: he recently lost a tooth, has awesome hair, and makes the best funny faces!
I am itching to put up the full posts! Have a summer-tastic weekend ladies and gents!
P.S. This is my first time posting on my brand spanking new macbook pro. It is so fantastic.

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