Daddy Daughter Dance.

Dear Friends,
A little over  a month ago was the school Daddy Daughter Dance for elementary school. They had students photograph, and we had a blast. My team of four was GREAT! We set up a Photo Booth, which was extremely popular and cute! {Thank you Jess + Hannah for being such great sports with the insanity! You rock!} We danced, took pictures, and giggled lots! It was a the BEST dance I’ve ever been too by far. Anyways, here are the cutesy cute pictures!
P.S. I shoot events. . .Contact me at if you need pictures at an event!
This is the line for the oh-so-popular photo booth!
This picture might be my favorite . . .because I love these two ladies! 
The fantastic DJ’s. SUCH WINNERS.
Those girls had some seriously awesome moves. I learned a lot.
Yeah, the streamers? Torn down within the first half hour of the dance.
The awesome Photo Booth ladies. Seriously that was a winner!
That’s all for now folks!
I hope your memorial day is memorable.

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