Modern Expectations

I just wanted to quickly share with you all my English Class Film! The assignment: plan a Victorian wedding inspired by Charles Dickens’s novel Great Expectations. That’s what we did. In the novel, Miss Havisham is ecstatic to be getting married, but her fiance is not because he does not really love her. He is a con-man.  Our film kind of plays with that idea. The Bride was overjoyed at the prospect of marriage, but the Groom was supposed to look like he is headed to his funeral. I’m so proud of our class!  We worked really hard and pulled it off! Great Job, guys!

Back to locking myself in my room for another finals study sesh. . . ONE WEEK!

P.S. If you are wondering why there is no reception, it’s because we had a real life reception! {not captured on film} Photographs to come soon! 


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