Tea, anyone?

Dear Friends,
I have finally had time to blog. I know, I know. What a miracle! 
I have so much to catch up on in the blogosphere, so hang with me.
Over Easter Break, my friend Tarryn and I hosted a tea party. We had talked about having one for weeks, and we finally actually did it! We baked all morning and tea-partied all afternoon. The tea party took place in the woods. I know, I know. SO AWESOME! Honestly, I love these photographs. It ’twas a grand afternoon, and I believe that these photographs reflect it.
After the first round of tea and pastries, we went for a stroll through the forest. 
In the forest, we found a blooming cactus. . .
. . . and a green caterpillar.
At some point, we were all singing, but Joseph was definitely the umm… most musically inclined.
My photo perch on the roof of Tarryn’s car.
Kylee’s woodsy hair-Just call me the Master Braider!
There are truly no words.
Afterwards, we played with the kittens. :)
We are crazy cat ladies.

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