Self-Portraiture + Updates

Dear Friends,

The fourth quarter insanity is in full-swing. It is the good sort of insanity, but insanity nonetheless. :) 

AFRICA UPDATE: Whoah. Whoah. Whoah. I checked my account a few days ago and was completely blown away by all the support. Thank you so much! It is an incredible encouragement. God does great things; praise Jesus!

I don’t like to post self-portraits, but this is a technical post about artificial lighting. So, let’s get technical. The set up for this was kind of ridiculous-a navy sheet draped across my bookshelf and held up by piles of books, tripod with camera, stand-up spotlight lamp above, and side light {sometimes}. The side-light was actually just the top of a lamp, that I had to hold in an uncomfortable manner. My room is BRIGHT pink, so most of the photos came out with an extremely warm tint that even white balance did not do much for. The black and whites are my favorite because of this. Well, here’s one.





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