{From the Archives: 16}

Dear Friends,
This week I am pumping out a photography project that I am very excited to post when I finished. More on that at a later date.
Until then…
Yours Truly,



4 thoughts on “{From the Archives: 16}

  1. Dear Lydia, I hope my computer will behave I have tried to leave you 5 messages. My name is
    Donna White and their is someone very special that we both know Lindsay Stanton, you see I live in Eufaula, Al. and have known Lindsay her entire life, her Mom is one of my very best friends. Linz is one of the most genuine people I have ever known. She has told me of your upcoming trip to Uganda, I have been there twice to work with aids orphans. The people are amazing and open their hearts and would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it. I would really love to know where you are going and what work you will be doing. But I have a website I think you would find interesting it is http://www.procomruwanda.com this site was started by my brother Dr Dwight Jackson he is living in ruwanda right now but he has been in east africa off and on for the past 31 years,he feels truly called to go and teach and help as well as learn from them. So I hope you will write and tell me where and when and maybe I can tell you a few secrets. Hope to hear from you soon take care Donna

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