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Dearest bloggers,
One week left to go til sprang break.  YEEAAAYY.  busy weekend ahead + lots of homework, so I’ll leave you with this photograph of my lovely, laughing friend Hannah! Love that shallow depth of field + bokeh + catchlights.LRF
P.S. If you have NOT watched KONY 2012, please watch.  Just for the sake of being informed.  I understand there is a  lot of controversy surrounding this film, have done my research on it, and STILL believe you should watch it.  You do not necessarily have to agree with it, but you do need to watch it. If you would like further links, comment + let me know.


4 thoughts on “{From the Archives: 12}

  1. Dear Lydia
    I am writing to you because Lindsay Stanton had posted about you upcoming trip to Uganda. You see that is a place near and dear to my heat,I have been to Africa twice and worked mostly in Uganda both times with aids orphans,it had to be truly one of the best highlights in my life. Also my brother now lives Rwanda .he ha lived in East Africa off and on for the last 31 years . I would love to know where you will be going,and I might even be able to answer a question or two that you might have.I understand you excitement 100% it will be one of the best things you have ever done Well I will close thank you in advance for all you have done to get there and help those precious children.If you would rather call my number is 334-687-2131 or334-689-0054 take care and I look forward to hearing from you. Donna White

    • Hey Donna!!
      Wow! It is so great to hear from you; it’s so cool how Jesus works. I would LOVE to talk to you on the phone-that would be so wonderful. I will try to call you soon. Thank you for reaching out to me; it is incredibly encouraging. :)

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