Lydia is Going to Africa!

Lydia to Africa from Lydia Francis on Vimeo.

Dear bloggies,
In October, I was praying about how I should spend my summer {I know, I start early}, and God told me one weekend that I needed to spend it doing missions.  I didn’t get very much sleep one weekend because I spent all night researching + thinking + praying + dreaming. For aprroximately one month, I just prayed.  Then, I decided it was probably a good time to tell my parentals {hahaha}. I’m pretty sure they were a little bit freaked out when I first told them that I, their 15 year old daughter, wanted to fly across the ocean to a semi-dangerous country for three weeks.  Then, for quite some time we all just PRAYED. My friends prayed, my parents prayed, my sister prayed, I prayed.
In January, I applied.
In February, I had a phone interview. As all my friends know, I am not exactly the best on the phone. . . I’m incredibly awkward, talk too quickly + too quietly, and regularly hang up when I’ve decided the conversation has grown tiresome. I had a prayer team going for my interview, however, and they certainly pulled through.  It went so well; I felt as though I was just chatting with an old friend!
I got accepted into the Ambassador Program for Uganda with Adventures in Missions.
In Uganda, my team and I will partner with a children’s ministry that aims to nurture vulnerable children, many of them HIV/AIDS orphans. We’ll meet all kinds of needs in different ways, doing whatever is necessary to further the Kingdom of Christ.
Now, I’m raising support. I need to raise $4650 by June. I can’t do this on my own.  If you would like to support me, you can read more  about it on my “Send Lydia to Uganda” page.  I just added it to my blog next to my “About” page underneath the header.  Give it a look!  
Oh, and please, please, please pray.

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