Best of February 2012.

Beloved Readers,
Oh mercy. What a month! I feel as if I have not slept in weeks. BAH!
Fun, fantastic, fabulous, friend-ful February.
SOSOSOSO much to say, sososoSO much to blog
Ladies + Gents, I present to you my month of insanity:
I kicked off my month well with the gorgeous Jess. The rest is HERE.
Then I spent some time with the fam at Chipotle {great for bokehing-HEADS UP!}
Soon, I’ll post the pictures from the shoot for which I tagged along that Brent {right} did for Other People’s Property. Check Brent’s photos of it HERE! They are great.
Can’t forget about Mrs. President! see more here
The Aftermath of Valentines Day: this is what countless chocolate pretzels, cookies, and cupcakes will do to one. :)
Sweet time with a dear friend? YES PUH-LEASE.
Cutest best friends EVER! We made a video-that’s coming up soon too. Oodles of exciting projects to get to, so little timeeee.
Now for my Dad’s 50 birthday celebratory dindin! :) {no photographs of the ACTUAL bash unfortunately}
HYMNSING WITH DEREK WEBB + SANDRA MCCRACKEN. So fantastic. A crowd of people sitting underneath the stars praising Jesus. And a barn with twinkle lights. There’s nothing like it! Jesus is just so cool! :)
On the left: iPhone FAIL! special thanks to amanda d. for her hand modeling.
I had to go stargazing for a Philosophy assignment and decided it was the perfect time  to get those long exposure star shots I’ve been wanting. :) I need to do some more work, but this shot is my favorite.
Get excited! There is lots of fun stuff coming up on the blog. Please continue to pray for me as I prepare to go to Uganda this summer.

One thought on “Best of February 2012.

  1. Lydia, Need help with camera advice. Sam’s has a Canon Rebel EOS (or something like that) for 599.99. Looked like it had a detachable lens. Would that be good for a beginning? Also, please tell me more about Uganda.

    So good to see you this past Sunday.

    Barbara Warner

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