#FromWhereIStand Weeks 3 + 4

Dear Wide World of the Web,
Yay! At last, a REAL post!!
I present to you weeks 3 +4.  They were a couple of busy, fun, fantastic weeks! Here are the photographs.

Day 16: From a different angle.

Day 17: Reflections…                                                         Day 18: Friendly TOMS. :)

Day 19: Cobblestone and a pair of Oxfords after a great shoot with Brent Buffington.

Day 20 + 21: I almost forgot to take my picture two days in a row. . . Thus slipper pictures TWO days in a row.

DAY 22: Is on a different memory card that is currently incognito. It went all “Ghost Protocol” or whatever on me. Will load it to my flickr another time!

Day 23: A glass of water after a run. Put on a patterned carpet for artistic pizzazz.

Day 24: Rocking the mix-matching patterns!

Day 25: Pancake breakfast, school, school, school, after-school run, a four-wheeler drive + dinner in the country, annnnddd HOME at last. It was a long, FUN day! :) . . . And now my converse are dirty.

Day 26: Mrs. President? First Lady Michelle Obama? YES, YES, YES!  See more HERE.

Day 27: Driving. :) GET OFF THE ROADS.

Day 28: Baking Cupcakes like a boss and shirking my homework duties. It was a sacrifice.

Day 29: Happy Valentines Day! I couldn’t decide between these two. :) The more the merrier!

I am still loving this project after about a month. We’ll see where it goes!


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