Jess. {Portraits}

Dearest Readers,

On Friday evening, my dear friendyfriend and I went on a lovely photographic adventure.  We needed fan-freakin-tastic, blow your ship out of the water, rock your universe portraits for Photography class. I’m not going to lie, I am pretty stoked about these photographs. I will let them speak for themselves. . . (sounds more mysterious that way. . .)

My vision was for Jess to be a girl going someplace.  With a total Audrey Hepburn style.

Check out that face-my friend is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.

Oh right, she also bears a scary resemblance to Emma Watson (AKA HERMIONE GRANGER!).

These next couple were taken in the middle of a very, busy road. Picture this: Jess and I run into the middle of the road, take a couple shots, run to the other side. REPEAT. LIKE 3 TIMES.

This is the money shot, this is my final print.  Have I ever mentioned how great it is for a photographer to have attractive friends/family?

After the shoot, when it became dark, we ate dinner at a loverly + delicious restaurant.  It was there were we tried to get the Audrey shot.  It was pretty difficult. I was hand-holding at about 1/30 of  a second at 6400 ISO and f/1.8. Talk about being absolutely, utterly, and COMPLETELY maxed out.  Here’s the original:

And the final shot….

That’s all for now! I am still going strong with my #FromWhereIStand project . Life is a slightly whirl-windish at the moment, but it’s all good.  No homework tonight! :)



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