{1st} Annual Francis Gingerbread House Burning.

What did we in the Francis household do on New Years Eve, you might ask?  What a silly question! We set our gingerbread houses on fire, of course! 

Here are the photographs.

 We started out with Robert’s gingerbread house, just to experiment with.

Seriously, this thing burned for a LONG time.

Look at the joy that a good fire has brought to those faces.

Next, we put the other like 8 gingerbread houses together in a huge pile.  You know what they say: “It takes a village!” 

The aftermath….

And that’s all.   Can’t wait til next year’s burning! :)



8 thoughts on “{1st} Annual Francis Gingerbread House Burning.

  1. Why….why has this not been made inherently clear to the public? This is the best tradition ever. Maybe I’ll make a gingerbread house for St. Patricks Day…Valentines Day…President’s Day….MLK Day….This is AWESOME.

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