Best of 2011.

2011: It’s been good.  

You’ve been a year of making new friends and reconnecting with old ones. 

 a year of different risks and new growth.

a year of fabulous travels.

a year of adventures oh-so-fun.

a year of hours of study.

a year of growth in my relationship with Jesus Christ my Savior.

Here is my year in photographs.

These next few are from the Everglades.

 Find the hidden alligator! (Side note: this was taken with my 18-55mm lens at 55mm. So yes, I was THAT close!)

 Meet Jerry. Our goat fraand.

 And then, Lydia bought a tripod. There is plenty more awkward photos where these came form. I specialize in them.

The Inferno project: a collage inspired by the first volume of Dante’s Divine Comedy. One day, I will post more of these. Why? Because we were proudly sporting togas.

BLUE + YELLOW: the colors of my homeland, Sweden. Ahh…!

bowling. {Greystone Kitchen Staff 2011!}

 New Friends :)


 Holla, Chi-Town!

 “The End of an Era”: No!! It didn’t end!! It lives on in our hearts. {I am clearly in denial.}

 Hopefully, there will be more shots like these in the future! (:


books, books, and some more books!

 Psshh, what kind of year would it be if one hadn’t set a basketball on fire?!

Oh, and one more little thing: NEW HAIR!

Happy New Year!


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